Idaho TV Stations


The following is a quote taken from the FCC site, and very well sets the stage for what we are trying to present here:

Digital Television (DTV) is an advanced broadcasting technology that has transformed the television viewing experience. DTV enables broadcasters to offer television with better picture and sound quality, and multiple channels of programming. Since June 13, 2009, full-power television stations nationwide have been required to broadcast exclusively in a digital format. 

The switch from analog to digital broadcast television is known as the Digital Television Transition. In 1996, Congress authorized the distribution of an additional broadcast channel to every full-power TV station so that each station could launch a digital broadcast channel while simultaneously continuing analog broadcasting.  Later, Congress set June 12, 2009 as the deadline for full power television stations to stop broadcasting analog signals.

 Up until October 2008 this page dealt with Analog stations only --

As these page were re-built in March, 2014, they were designed to reflect the change

to Digital.  The historical information will be retained as much as

possible as the station's  pages are updated.

 LP stations have not yet been given a deadline to change to digital, and many

are still analog.  Stations with as service designation of TX are still analog.


Early TV In Idaho


Did you ever wonder why we do (did) not have a "Channel 1" on our TV?
Virtual Channel Transmit Channel Call Sign Service Market City of License
 2 9,28 KBOI Treasure Valley Boise
 3 22,32 KLEW  Lewiston Lewiston
 3 36,38 KIDK Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
 4 17,21,32
KAID Treasure Valley Boise
 4 13,21,22,42 KXLY-TV Coeur d'Alene Area  Spokane. Wa.
 6 24 KIVI-TV Treasure Valley Nampa
 6 23 KPVI Southeast Idaho Pocatello
 6 15 KSAW-LP Twin Falls Twin Falls
 7 7 KTVB Treasure Valley Boise
 8 8 KIFI-TV Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
 9 10 KNIN Treasure Valley Caldwell
10 17 KISU-TV Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
11 11 KMVT Magic Valley Twin Falls
12 13 KTRV-TV Treasure Valley Nampa
12 12 KUID-TV Moscow Moscow
13 22 KIPT Magic Valley Twin Falls
14 14 KSVT-LD Twin Falls Twin Falls
16 16 KKIC-LP Treasure Valley Boise
17  17 KYTL-LP Twin Falls Twin Falls
18 16 KCLP-CA  Boise  Boise
25 25 KFLL-LD  Boise  Boise
26 45 KCDT Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
27 27 KBAX-LD Twin Falls Twin Falls
27 27 KIDQ-LP Lewiston Lewiston
28 28 KYUU  Treasure Valley  Boise
31 31 KFXP Southeast Idaho Pocatello
33 33 KBSE-LP Treasure Valley Boise
34 34 KXPI-LD  Pocatello/Blackfoot  Pocatello
35 34 KXTF Magic Valley Twin Falls
38  38 KTFT-LP Twin Falls Twin Falls
38  38 KMNZ-LP Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
38 38 KCJY-LP Twin Falls Twin Falls
39 39 KKJB Treasure Valley Boise
41 41 KBTI-LP Treasure Valley Boise
42 42 KCDL-LD Nampa/Caldwell Nampa
43 43 KSVT-LD Twin Falls Twin Falls
43 43  KIWB-LP Treasure Valley Boise
45  45 KCTF-LP Twin Falls Twin Falls
45  45 KCDT Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
47  47 KQUP-LP Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
49  49 KZAK-LP Treasure Valley Boise
51  51 KCBB-LP Treasure Valley Boise
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