Idaho FM Stations


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Early FM in Idaho

* These channels are non-commercial, religious  and/or educational channels

# Denotes a C. P.

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FrequencyCall SignService MarketCity of License
88.1* KTFY Twin Falls Buhl
88.3* KARJ Boise Kuna
88.3* KKAG Grangeville Grangeville
88.3* KGSY McCall McCall
88.3* KWIS Plummer Plummer
88.5* KBSY Burley Burley
88.5* KRFY Ponderay Ponderay
88.7* KIYE Kamiah Kamiah
88.7* KYSK Idaho Falls/Rexburg
88.7* KOAY Treasure Valley Middleton
88.9* KLCZ Lewiston Lewiston
88.9* KEFX Magic Valley
Twin Falls
89.1* KAWS Boise Marsing
89.3* KUOI-FM Moscow Moscow
89.3* KLGG Kellogg Kellogg
89.3* KDPI Ketchum Ketchum
89.5* KTSY Treasure Valley Caldwell
89.5* KLRI Southeast Idaho Rigby
89.9* KBSK McCall McCall
89.9* KAWZ Twin Falls Twin Falls
89.9* KYMS Rathdrum Rathdrum
89.9* KRBX Treasure Valley Caldwell
90.1* KNWO Cottonwood Cottonwood
90.3* KBSU-FM Treasure Valley Boise
90.3* KZJB Pocatello Pocatello
90.3* KRFP-LP Moscow Moscow
90.5* KAIO Idaho Falls Idaho Falls
90.7* KBSQ McCall McCall
90.7*# KZNP Mullan Mullan
90.7* KCIR Magic Valley Twin Falls
90.9* KTSJ Menan Menan
90.9* KKRH Grangeville Grangeville
91.1* KBSS Sun Valley Sun Valley
91.1* KISU-FM Southeast Idaho Pocatello
91.3* KANP Ashton Ashton
91.5* KBYR-FM Rexburg Rexburg
91.5* KBSX Treasure Valley Boise
91.7* KBSM McCall McCall
91.7* KRFA-FM Moscow Moscow
91.7* KBSW Twin Falls Twin Falls
91.7* KSQS Ririe/Idaho Falls Ririe
91.9* KWRV Sun Valley Sun Valley
91.9* KBWE Burley Burley
92.1 KEGE Pocatello Pocatello
92.1 KIBX Bonner's Ferry Bonner's Ferry
92.1 KXJO St. Maries St. Maries
92.3 KIZN Treasure Valley Boise
92.3 KIXM Jackson Hole, Wy. Victor
92.7 KSRA-FM Salmon Salmon
92.7 KORT-FM Grangeville Grangeville
92.7 KTPZ Magic Valley Hazelton
92.9# KZZU-FM1 Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
93.1 KTIK-FM Treasure Valley New Plymouth
93.1# KEZQ Iona Iona
93.1# KUUS-LP Lapwai Lapwai
93.5 KZDX Burley Burley
93.7 KZBQ Southeast Idaho Pocatello
93.9# KZBQ (CP) Southeast Idaho Pocatello
94.1 KBXL Treasure Valley Caldwell
94.3 KBYI Southeast Idaho Rexburg
94.5 KHTQ Coeur d'Alene /Spokane WA. Hayden
94.5 KSKI-FM Sun Valley Sun Valley
94.9 KPLL-LP Lewiston Lewiston
94.9 KPKY Southeast Idaho Pocatello
94.9 KRVB Treasure Valley Nampa
95.1 KLER-FM Orifino Orifino
95.3 KECH-FM Sun Valley Sun Valley
95.3 KPND Sandpoint Sandpoint
95.5 KUJJ McCall McCall
95.7 KEZJ-FM Magic Valley Twin Falls
95.9 KLZX Weston/Logan, Ut. Weston
96.1 KID-FM Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
96.1 KSRV-FM Treasure Valley Ontario, Or.
96.5 KOZE-FM Lewiston Lewiston
96.5 KLIX-FM Magic Valley Twin Falls
96.5# (New-LP) McCall McCall
96.5 KAZZ Sugar City Sugar City
96.7 KKEX Preston/Logan, Ut. Preston
96.7# (New-LP) American Falls American Falls
96.9 KKGL Treasure Valley Nampa
97.1# KQXV-LP Moscow Moscow
97.3 KLCE Southeast Idaho Blackfoot
97.3 KMEI-LP Kamiah Kamiah
97.3 (New) Weiser Weiser
97.3# (New) Sandpoint Sandpoint
97.5 KTWD Wallace Wallace
97.5# (New-LP) Meridian Meridian
97.7 KZBG Lewsiton Lapwai
97.9 KQFC Treasure Valley Boise
98.1 KGTM Southeast Idaho Rexburg
98.1 KQEZ Southeast Idaho Shelley
98.3 KDZY McCall McCall
98.3 KSNQ Magic Valley Twin Falls
98.3 (New-LP) Bonner's Ferry Bonner's Ferry
98.5 KZID Lewiston Culdesac
98.5 KLLP Southeast Idaho Chubbuck
98.5# (New-LP) Garden Valley Garden Valley
98.7 KARO Treasure Valley Nyssa, Or.
99.1 KUPI-FM Southeast Idaho Rexburg
99.1 KXTA Boise/Magic Valley Gooding
99.5 KQPI Pocatello Aberdeen
99.5 KKOO Treasure Valley Fruitland
99.9 KZDX Magic Valley Burley
99.9 KXML Salmon Salmon
99.9# KLZX Weston Weston
100.1 KITT Soda Springs Soda Springs
100.3 KQXR Treasure Valley Payette
100.5 KBYI Southeast Idaho Rexburg
100.5 KQZB Moscow Troy
100.7 KQBL Boise/Magic Valley Mountain Home
100.7 KIBG Kalispell, Mt. Bigfork, Mt.
100.7 KSNA Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
101.1 KWYD Treasure Valley Parma
101.5 KATW Lewiston Lewiston
101.5 KCVI Southeast Idaho Blackfoot
101.7 KUMC-LP Rupert Rupert
101.9 KDBI Treasure Valley Emmett
102.1 KCHQ Jackson Hole, Wy. Driggs
102.1 KIRQ Magic Valley Twin Falls
102.3 KICR Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
102.3 (New-LP) Boise Boise
102.5 KIBR Sandpoint Sandpoint
102.5 KMGI Southeast Idaho Pocatello
102.7 KZMG Treasure Valley Melba
102.9 KOUW Idaho Falls Island Park
103.1 KCDA Spokane, Wa. Post Falls
103.1 KZNO Magic Valley Jerome
103.3 KFTZ Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
103.5 KSAS-FM Treasure Valley Caldwell
103.7 KVRG Jackson Hole, Wy. Victor
103.9 (New-LP) Boise Boise
103.9 (New-LP) Twin Falls Twin Falls
104.1 KORR Pocatello American Falls
104.3 KAWO Treasure Valley Boise
104.5 KZKY Ucon Ucon
104.7 KIKX Sun Valley Ketchum
105.1 KVTY Lewiston Lewiston
105.1 KJOT Treasure Valley Boise
105.5 KAGF-LP Twin Falls Twin Falls
105.5 KLCW-LP Hailey Hailey
105.5 KTHK Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
105.9 KCIX Treasure Valley Garden City
106.1 KZFN Moscow Moscow
106.1 KKMV Magic Valley Rupert
106.1 (New-LP) Hayden Hayden
106.3 KQEZ Idaho Falls Shelley
106.3 KQTA Treasure Valley Homedale
106.3# KGTM Southeast Idaho Rexburg
106.7 KTPO Sandpoint Kootenia
106.7 KYUN Sun Valley Hailey
106.9 KMOK Lewiston Lewiston
107.1 KTHI Treasure Valley Caldwell
107.1 KQEO Southeast Idaho Idaho Falls
107.5 KYZK Sun Valley Sun Valley
107.9 KXLT-FM Treasure Valley Eagle
107.9# KAOX Shelley Shelley
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