In the beginning....  KMFE 101.7 in Emmett, Idaho was a very LOCAL station and was very much a part of the Emmett lifestyle.  One of their regular features was the KMFE Barn Dance.  Local music for local people.  Rod Thomson has provided me with a cassette tape of one of those broadcasts.  He asks that I present it in memory of  Alvie H. Lanfear, Sr. (June 1, 1893 - April, 1983) and Olive May Lanfear Thomson (January 30, 1913 - February 21, 2004)  Olive recorded the shows for Alvie who was in an assisted living facility at that time.   The tape is not professionally recorded - it was done with the mic held up to a radio.  Nonetheless, it presents a part of radio history well worth preserving.   (I enhanced the audio to the best of my ability and it plays fairly well).

Here is that tape , recorded November 15, 1980 

A poster promoting the "Barn Dance" is here, courtesy of