April 1, 2003                Call sign KQXI  -- Oldies format

June 10, 2004            Call sign changed to KDJQ

May 2007                     Changed format from Oldies to Spanish

September 2007        Station goes silent

November 2007         Returns with Oldies format

December 2007        Station goes silent

December 2007        Plays Christmas music for one week up to Christmas and returns to silence.

March 2008                KDJQ is dark and is apparently for sale.    KDJQ is currently noted in the FCC records as "licensed and silent".  

 July, 2008.                  Apparently the station has finally found a buyer. 

December 2008        The above mentioned sale caved in.  The station is now in receivership.

Update added February, 2014  --  Station is operating at reduced power with the call sign KYWN (update Feb 2014)   Ownership is listed as Impacto Network, Inc.   KYWN rebroadcasts KAWZ-FM, Twin Falls, Idaho.