KDSH went on the air May 1, 1947 on 950 KC with 1,000 watts. They were non-directional in the day, and used the 2nd tower for a directional array at night still employing 1,000 watts. They used an old (ancient by one account) Western Electric transmitter they acquired from KGA in Spokane Washington.


The majority owners of KDSH were Saul and his wife Dee Haas. That's what the call letters K-D-S-H stood for ;  "Dee, Saul, Haas. The name of the company that owned KDSH was Queen City Broadcasting, owners of KIRO in Seattle.


From the beginning, a group of local Boise investors were involved in the ownership KDSH, They included some very prominent Boise citizens led by H. Westerman Whillock, the former Mayor of Boise. Mr. Whillock had good connections with Military and also was involved in the ownership of a local men's clothing (or men's shoe) store in downtown Boise. Whillock brought in some other local investors including Willis Moffitt, a local attorney and Stanley King, the Manager of The Boise Chamber of Commerce.


The station had offices in downtown Boise at the corner of 10th and Jefferson streets, in the same building that station would remain until 1976. KDSH went through many changes that have led to much confusion; The went from 1,000 to 5,000 watts in 1948, changed call letters to KBOI radio in early 1955, and changed frequencies to 670 with power of 50 kw non-directional by day and 25,000 watts directional nighttime in late June or early July of 1968.


According to KDSH announcer Bill Gratton, who signed KDSH on May 1st 1947,  the early staff of KDSH was only 11 people. While we can't name them all for certain, on the day the station went 50,000 watts in 1968, Bill was again on hand to sign that station, and he mentioned these announcers and staff as being there in the early years:


Wes Whillock  General Manager

Earl Glade Jr. (Sales or Station Manager)

Jim Johntz - Chief Engineer

Bill Gratton (aka Bill Graham) Announcer (and Program Director?)

Darr Dodds Announcer and co-host with Bill Graham of "pop parade" postcard request show.

Frank Watson - Announcer

George Gantz - Sales


Among the other announcers and staff people Bill Gratton mentioned as being at KDSH included:


Bill Plant - copy writer - later news writer (ended up at KNXT-TV in Los Angeles as a special correspondent)

Ross Woodward (who later ended up in Spokane)

Art Laterno (had been at KID0-AM in the 1940s)

Pete Ferneau (had also been at KID0-AM in the 1940s)


About a year later, in 1947, KDSH added a 3rd tower and increased power to 5,000 watts day and night, remaining non-directional in the daytime. The transmitter site was located at the present St. Luke's Hospital in Meridian located on the North east Corner of Interstate 84 and Eagle Road. In fact the new "3rd tower" that was added in 1948 was actually located across Eagle Road from the other two original towers and required an easement from the Ada County Highway Department or the State of Idaho (whoever controlled Eagle Road, which was a rural farm road at the time). In fact this easement remained in effect for many years after the towers were torn down in 1968 after KBOI went 50,000 watts. Bill Frahm, who works KBOI now, says the Highway District contacted him to ask permission to remove copper wires that went under the road, in order to widen Eagle Road which is now the busiest road in the State of Idaho and has also been turned into a State Highway!