Doug Raper

It all started in the fall of 1968 when Bob Hubler talked me into joining the Broadcast Club at Boise State.  I then started working a shift at the campus station that could only be heard in the dorms and the Sub on a phone line.  It was then that I fell in love with radio.

My first job where I got paid was KBOI and KBOI FM [now KQFC].  My first shift was an Easter Sunday night where I sat in the KBOI control room and listened to a religious tape that was being played.  At Midnight I got to read the sign off copy, I was very excited.  I was the fill in guy for KBOI FM and only got to work if someone was going to be gone or was sick.  I would go into the station every day to check and see if anyone was sick [yes I hoped someone would be].  Then I got my own shift on Friday and Saturday nights playing rock and soul.

My first full time job was at KEST in Boise.  I worked afternoon drive playing the hits.  I also did my first news cast at KEST, it was terrible.  I remember hoping no one was listening to the station.  My job only lasted a month and then the owners let everyone go and changed format.

I then went to work at KEEP in Twin Falls where I started at Music Director and did mid-days.  I was later promoted to Program Director and moved to mornings and then later became News Director.  One of the fun things we did was a talent show.  I held auditions in the basement of a local church and then we did the show live on the air from the county fair.

From Keep I made a short stop at KBRE in Cedar City, Utah.  I was Program and News Director and did the morning show.  I was only there a month when I had an offer from a station in Denver and I took it of course [Cedar City-Denver.DUH].

I went to work in the news department of KERE in Denver.  It was a country station and I also filled in playing music when someone was sick or on vacation.  The station sent me to Twin Falls to cover Evil Kenivel's attempted jump over the Snake River Canyon.  I also covered it for the Mutual Radio Network and a group of stations in the mid west.  While there I interviewed Johnny Cash and John Denver.

After Denver I made my way back to Boise and KBOI as News Director.  I was proud of the product we put out, we were well respected in the community.  (Up until now every station I worked for started with KB or KE )  I interviewed Ronald Regan twice while there, once in the back of his limo.

In January of 1977 I took at job at KSL in Salt Lake City.  We had a large radio news department and did the best job of any media in town.  I COVERED City and County Government and spent most of my day at the City-County building.

I was only there for three months when I was asked to return to Boise as News Director of KIDO and the Idaho Radio Network.  I worked with some great people, but the company was terrible, so after a year I left.

I returned to KSL in Salt Lake where I was afternoon anchor and Documentary Director.  Again KSL could have competed with any news department in the country.  While there I broke the story that the hostages had been released in Iran.  We had it before anyone thanks to some calls to Iran I made.

From KSL I returned to Idaho to run my own station.  My partner and I bought KWEI in Weiser and changed the format to country. I did the morning show, sold advertising mowed the lawn and cleaned the bathroom.  I was the operating partner and managed the station.  When I first went there almost no one listened to the station.  When I left we were number one.

I then made a short stop at KSKI in Sun Valley and then came back to Boise as News Director of KGEM.  I had more fun on this job than any other working with a guy named KJ Mac.  We did the morning show together.

It was then time to leave the state again and we moved to Spokane where I was morning anchor on KLSN and KISN.  The station was sold after a year and the staff let go.

I then became Director of News and Programming for KXLY in Spokane.  I had some great people and together we built a great news department.  I had reporters who followed the Presidential campaign from the first local meetings to the national conventions, I sent a reporter to Central American when things were hot there and to the Soviet Union as it was starting to break up.  I also broadcast all day from Philadelphia for the birthday of the constitution.  

After KXLY I spent several years out of radio, but always missed it.

I then had a chance to return to Boise and became the Program Director for KBOI.  I was able to put together another great news department and we once again had reporters who followed the Presidential campaign from start to finish.  I also hosted a live three hour talk show which I loved doing.  One of the great things about that was that my Producer was my daughter Kristin, she did a great job.  I was on the air all day 9/11/01.

From there I when to KIDO in Boise where I hosted an afternoon talk show, and yes, Kristin was once again my Producer. I did my show live from Ground Zero in NYC on 9/11/02.  I loved that job and leaving it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the station was doing away with local talk.  

I did a Saturday talk show for a few months on KIOV in Meridian and then that was it.  I miss it every day.