KZZU-FM     Spokane, Wa.

KZZU-FM-1   Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


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KZZU-FM is licensed to Spokane, Wa. on 92.9 mHz (FM channel 225). 

KZZU-FM  is a class  C  FM station,  with 85.0 kW  Effective Radiated Power (Beam Tilt), at a HAAT of 634 meters.   

KZZU-FM is licensed to  QUEENB RADIO, INC.

Coverage map and FCC data (Link to FCC information)


KZZU-FM1 is permitted to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on 92.9 mHz (FM Channel 225).  

KZZU-FM1  is a class  D (Booster station)  FM station,  with  46 W  Effective Radiated Power, at a HAAT of 0.0 meters.   

KZZU-FM1 is currently a Construction Permit held by  LOUIS DEARIAS, RECIEVER

Coverage map and FCC data (Link to FCC information)  (Webmaster's note -- This coverage appears to be in error.  I will check for FCC updates in the future)



(Information Updated March 2014)


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